Experience Makes a Difference in Assessing and Addressing Issues of Concern to Alabamaians as Alabama’s Chief State Election Official

With 30 years of experience in Alabama election administration – 24+ of those years in the Elections Division of the Secretary of State’s office – I am uniquely prepared to become the next Secretary of State and address issues of concern to my fellow Alabamians.

election audits

I call on the Alabama Legislature to require an audit of every election held in the State of Alabama. Alabamians demand and deserve to know that elections in Alabama are conducted in accordance with state law and regulations. Alabama is one of only 6 states that do not require or permit post-election audits.

security of voting machines

Under current law, connecting our voting machines to the Internet is not illegal. When I was a member of the Electronic Voting Committee, we adopted a policy of not certifying for use in Alabama any voting machine that contained the technology to connect to the Internet. While that was an excellent choice – one I fully endorsed – we need that policy placed into state law. SB36, sponsored by Alabama Senator Clyde Chamblis (R-Prattville), provides this important provision. I have assisted Senator Chambliss in strengthening the prohibitions found in SB46.

protect each voter’s personal data

Under current law, the Secretary of State is required to sell each’s voter information in the statewide voter file to anyone willing to pay for it. The data includes everything in the voter file except for each voter’s driver license number and the last four digits of his or her Social Security number. The Alabama Legislature should allow each voter to opt out of having his or her data sold if her or she would like their data protected. There are provisions in law to protect this data for people who have been victims of domestic violence. There are also provisions to protect the data of law enforcement officials, judges, and even members of the Alabama Legislature. The Alabama Legislature should provide all voters the option of protecting their data and keeping it private.

Elections and voter registration are not conducted for the convenience of candidates. They are conducted so that Alabamians can participate in our representative democracy and have a voice in the selection of those who will serve us in federal, state, county, and municipal government.

Ed Packard

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